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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”―Anne Frank

When you donate to Hilltop Nursery School, your generosity helps the school fulfill its mission of socioeconomic diversity.

Hilltop Nursery School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions of funds are tax deductible. Thanks!

The Scholarship Fund

  • $52… funds a scholarship student for one full day of school
  • $260… funds a scholarship student for one week
  • $2,500… provides scholarship support for two months
  • $10,000+… will provide funding towards a full scholarship for a low-income student

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General Program Support

Recurring donations and one-time financial support can also:

  • help Hilltop meet daily program needs
  • fund teacher professional development
  • provide needed toys and books
  • help Hilltop build program capacity
  • grow our environmental and green enrichment programs

Your generous support of Hilltop, in any amount, will insure that more generations of local children can search for spiders, make toilet paper roll binoculars, and learn life’s most important early lessons right here in a little bright blue building in Bellevue Park.

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