“Let the Kids Learn Through Play” by David Kohn

Here’s another recent New York Times op-ed in favor of a play-based curriculum such as the one we have here at Hilltop.

“Play is often perceived as immature behavior that doesn’t achieve anything,” says David Whitebread, a psychologist at Cambridge University who has studied the topic for decades. “But it’s essential to their development. They need to learn to persevere, to control attention, to control emotions. Kids learn these things through playing.”

The article is also critical toward overly academic teaching in kindergarten.

“Reading, in particular, can’t be rushed. It has been around for only about 6,000 years, so the ability to transform marks on paper into complex meaning is not pre-wired into the brain. It doesn’t develop “naturally,” as do other complex skills such as walking; it can be fostered, but not forced.”

For the full article, click here.

Let the Kids Learn Through Play - NYT