Hilltop Nursery School is a parent-participation cooperative preschool founded in 1951. Parents and staff have worked hard to meet the changing needs of the family and to provide quality, professional early childhood education within a diverse urban environment.

A cooperative nursery school is "owned" by the community of families it serves. Parents are involved in all aspects of their child's education, from participating in the classroom, hiring staff and serving on the board of directors, to organizing fund-raising activities for the school. This participation demands commitment from every family, but there are many rewards! Co-op members benefit by being part of an extended family and feeling secure about where and by whom their child is being taught.

Co-op members benefit by being part of an extended family. For children, the benefits of a cooperative school are even greater. With family members involved, the transitions from home life to school life is easier, a child's self esteem is boosted and both parent and child develop a dynamic learning relationship that carries over into the future.